Eight Years Old and a Master Chef!

Cooking since age 3, Estie Kung’s vivacious social ability (an interpersonal intelligence) coupled with her intense interest in creating through cooking (a naturalist intelligence) is making her the youngest gifted chef on “Man vs Child: Chef Showdown.”  But it’s her passion for what she does, rather than ambition, that drives her motivation.  As reported in (more…)

The Invisible Artist: Know what’s possible

Liu Bolin explores his deeply personal, but socially conscious world, through his art and spatial intelligence.  Taking painting to a new level, he masterfully hides his image within each painting, making the visual and intensely intrapersonal statement, he feels invisible.   He reveals his decision to embody himself within each painting, as he describes “the real (more…)

The Gift

The gift is not about the fancy wrappings, neither is it the container within which the gift lies.  The gift is the gift itself.  But if we flaunt the wrappings, praise the container and never use the gift, it is like taking a peanut, eating the shell and throwing away the true source of nourishment—the (more…)

Hard to believe we ignore the essential questions ‘who am I? Why am I here’—but we do!

Those questions,  ‘who am I?’ ‘why am I here?’ emerge in our culture in only the most superficial of ways.  We answer in terms of how we make a living or if we are a homemaker, but that doesn’t answer the question “who we are.”  What are our passions?  What are our gifts?  How do (more…)