One with her Dance!

Kialulolani Okohoaka Kapuakukahi Piu Ukpihea, (also known as eight-year-old Kaya), is hardly bigger than her Hawaiian name.  But her persona and ability to express herself through her body is so much greater than either her name or her age or her size. Watch her light up as she explains she started out doing ballet, but (more…)

Baseball as Mathematics!

Eleven-year-old Jaxon Cota admits he’s happiest on the baseball field, but not for the reasons we might think.  Jaxon says he loves baseball because of the amount of thinking that goes on, including the statistics involved.  Having a real logical-mathematical intelligence, he sees numbers everywhere.  He not only engages with them in the active game (more…)

Break the Language Barrier? Why?

While Tim Donner has learned 20 languages, his quest is to use that gift to explore his own humanity and that of the world around him, (which describes not just a linguistic creativity, but an interpersonal intelligence as well).  He is impassioned. Watch and listen closely; don’t miss how he describes learning, through auditory, visual (more…)

Confident Chef at age 13

At only 13 years old, Cloyce Martin is a confident cook, busy creating through his innate naturalist intelligence. Even in competition with a head chef; he remains, as always, engaged in his passion.  His signature dishes include chicken piccata and a pan-seared citrus salmon. But in the second video, he is as accomplished grilling up (more…)

Mathematical AND Musical?

Can a mathematical child be a musical child as well? Absolutely!  How about other seemingly unrelated intelligences, like intrapersonal or spatial?  How do you know which is dominant in a child that expresses creativity in many ways? Watch: Harmony Zhu at age 10 is not only a gifted concert pianist, but a world champion chess player, (more…)

Eight Years Old and a Master Chef!

Cooking since age 3, Estie Kung’s vivacious social ability (an interpersonal intelligence) coupled with her intense interest in creating through cooking (a naturalist intelligence) is making her the youngest gifted chef on “Man vs Child: Chef Showdown.”  But it’s her passion for what she does, rather than ambition, that drives her motivation.  As reported in (more…)

The Invisible Artist: Know what’s possible

Liu Bolin explores his deeply personal, but socially conscious world, through his art and spatial intelligence.  Taking painting to a new level, he masterfully hides his image within each painting, making the visual and intensely intrapersonal statement, he feels invisible.   He reveals his decision to embody himself within each painting, as he describes “the real (more…)

Heaven Bursting Out in Song!

Heavenly Joy Jerkins, daughter of Grammy-winning record music producer Rodney Jerkins and singer Joy Enriquez, stands on her own rights as gifted singer and aspiring tap dancer.  Her penchant and passion for music is ingrained in her being, regardless of the gifts she may have gotten from her talented parents. Passion cannot be feigned; it (more…)