Passion Oriented Education™ (POE™) was inspired by and built on the philosophies and practices in Resa Steindel Brown’s best-selling book, The Call to Brilliance.  POE™ answers The Call.

About our beginnings.  A note from Matthew Brown.

Dear Reader,

I want you to know that my older brother was the reason ‘Answering The Call to Brilliance’ and Passion Oriented Education™ were born.  It was his doing. (I swear!)  I was third down the line of children, and I lived it, but he started it.  Stephen didn’t read, wouldn’t sit still and talked a lot…so it got us all thrown out of traditional education–which requires sitting down, being quiet and reading.  He flunked kindergarten on the first day and my mother took him and left.  Then my mother made the rest of us follow him.

But it wasn’t so bad.  Instead we grew up playing in twenty acres of lemon and grapefruit groves, hanging zip lines across a ravine, making mud shampoo and kayaking in a drainage ditch.  We were home schooled in a one-room classroom with other kids and their parents, in a plumbing factory in a small rural town.  We studied in the morning, played in the afternoon and entered college at ages 10 and up in the areas of our passion.  Never having taken a test before in our lives, except an occasional spelling test, we maintained ‘A’ averages at college and still had time to play every afternoon in that orchard. We had a great education AND a great childhood. And it was all because of Stephen and my mother’s unswerving beliefs.

My mother believes that every child is a gift.  She has always held true to this vision. She says we come from a Divine Source; we are here for a purpose; we were given the gifts we need to accomplish our calling and are born with the innate passion to get there.  She has never wavered on that insight, no matter what challenges she faced trying to bring homeschooling and alternative education opportunities to both the public and private sectors.  It is her truth.  And she has watched children unfold to their true gifts and innate brilliance over and over and over again.  She just will not quit. She found her life motto on the bumper of an old pick-up truck in a Home Depot parking lot many years ago.  It said, “Ride hard, shoot straight, speak the truth.” And so she does.

And now that I am a father of two small children, I also see the gift that they are and the gifts they bring.  And I will not quit.  I, too, am dedicated to her vision.  Her heart is big.  Her passion is contagious.  That’s why I published her first best-selling and award-winning book, The Call to Brilliance, which tells our story and the stories of the kids who followed that path with us.  The book by itself continues to touch so many lives.

Yet, after reading The Call to Brilliance and hearing her speak, many more have asked, “how can we do this for our own children?” So she has responded. Now I am publishing her next series of books in answer to their request, ‘Answering The Call to Brilliance, The Essential Guide and Workbook,’ a step-by-step guide to finding and nurturing children’s interests, passions and brilliance and The Travel Logs I, II and III, guided journal companions to The Workbook.  I know first-hand her methods work.

You see, it wasn’t just Stephen who didn’t fit.  I would have been in REAL trouble. When I was two, I was diagnosed dyslexic, dysgraphic and so speech delayed I would probably never talk.  My mother was told I would never read, and I certainly would never write. So what did she do? In her kind, but consistently determined manner, she looked them in the eyes and told those experts, “All children are a gift; they are all born brilliant; they unfold on their own timetable, and he will do all those things and so much more!”  And we went back to that orchard.

Now, as a successful publicist, with international clients, I make my living talking to people, reading and writing.  I have a full and demanding workload, but I will still continue to publish my mother’s books and further Passion Oriented Education ™.  We will not waver.  We will not quit.

You see, we are impassioned.  Come join us.

Matt Brown

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