Cooking since age 3, Estie Kung’s vivacious social ability (an interpersonal intelligence) coupled with her intense interest in creating through cooking (a naturalist intelligence) is making her the youngest gifted chef on “Man vs Child: Chef Showdown.”  But it’s her passion for what she does, rather than ambition, that drives her motivation.  As reported in the Philstar Global, Paris-trained celebrity chef Sau del Rosario says of Estie, “She’s so vibrant, so full of life; she’s such a foodie…When she talks about food, you can see the passion in her eyes that shine. Her food always has a story to tell — she talks about her mom, she talks about her travels.”

This video shows her cooking on the show Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown.

Estie’s life experience is deeply rooted in her relationship to food and the creativity it allows her to express.  This is as great a gift as any.  We have included two videos for you to watch, because we thought you should also see her interactions with Late Late Night Show talk show host James Corden. Sau adds, “I can see her surpassing Nigella Lawson by a thousand and one bites. I can see her hosting a TV show, maybe 10-15 years from now. I can see her cookbooks on the store shelves.”

Estie can be reached through her website at:

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