Just wasting time riding around on that bike?  Maybe not!  Perhaps your child is demonstrating a bodily kinesthetic gift just waiting to find direction?

According to Catherine Hess, “What most of us don’t realize is just how complex the art of riding a bicycle actually is.”  In her award winning essay “As easy as riding a bicycle?” Hess, a postgraduate researcher in anthropology at Bournemouth University, England, writes, “Riding a bicycle involves continuous use of all the human’s primary sensory capabilities, visual, vestibular [balance] and proprioceptive [the awareness of one’s body and limb positioning].”

Not so simple as we thought!


According to an article  in The Guardian, “What is clear from research into both the human brain and the bicycle is that despite the bicycle’s simplicity we have yet to fully understand how it is that we manage to control it, and what is happening in the brain when we do.”  Could this be your child’s gift?

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