Who is your child now?

Children are a paradox.  Full and complete from birth, yet constantly forming, they are ‘becoming.’  That means, they are trying to grow into that which they have always been, and anchor who they are into the world of form and substance. Who are they now?  How do we see them?  With what eyes do we (more…)


Our dreams are aspirations of the soul trying to create, trying to be freed, trying to bring meaning and purpose to our lives.  Pay attention to your highest aspirations and hopes.  Create through them.  Bring them into reality.

What really holds us back?

We do.  When we repeat old habits, believe old stories about ourselves, keep our children smaller than they are because we can’t conceive of ‘bigger’—even inside ourselves…When we do all these things and more…we busy ourselves with less than optimal concerns.  Then we forget to grow. 

Self-preservation, anybody?

Believe it or not, all you have is the moment you are in.  When life is moving fast, things are overwhelming, the kids need an attitude readjustment or your spouse is ‘out to lunch…’  STOP!  Look at your feet (to make sure you’re still there) and then take a deep breath!  The rest is going (more…)

To Create

Send the concept of ‘failure’ into the fire.  There is no failure…only learning opportunities.  Teach your children to not be afraid to take risks and stumble, if that is the outcome.  Teach them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and incorporate what they learned into the grand dance we call ‘life.’  Encourage them to (more…)

How do my child and I begin the journey?

Begin at the beginning.  The first step is within. Look inside, look for your own authenticity, gifts, compassion and greatness.  Then see your child with at least the same eyes, if not bigger, clearer, with greater depth than you were even able to see yourself.  The rest is impassioned play!


Magic is enchantment.  It is the gratitude of the soul as it reaches for the sun and moon and stars in the sky.  Our children live in the world of awe and amazement.  May we have the wisdom and vision, strength and fortitude, to protect them—to help them carry that gratitude and enchantment into their (more…)

The Gift

The gift is not about the fancy wrappings, neither is it the container within which the gift lies.  The gift is the gift itself.  But if we flaunt the wrappings, praise the container and never use the gift, it is like taking a peanut, eating the shell and throwing away the true source of nourishment—the (more…)