philosophy-1 All children are born with the seeds of their own passion and brilliance.
Their initial joy in exploring feeds their search for authentic identity and their relationship to the world around them.  philosophy-2
philosophy-3 They have deeply embedded within their being the drive to discover their gifts in the process.
But life has many distractions and the path is not always clear.

How do we help them distinguish between the temporary attraction, the quick fix and their natural or innate interests, gifts and talents?


The answer is by following their internal compass…passion.
Passion is the drive that tells us we are mentally, emotionally and spiritually on the path to connecting to something greater… something more meaningful and purposeful…  philosophy-6
 Brilliance manifests in many ways. It is a state of being that tells us who we are and why we are here.
 philosophy-8 As we discover our brilliance, we feel centered, open, confident and alive. We know what our gifts are, and how to use them to better life and create brilliantly in this world.
When we manifest our brilliance, opportunity knocks, doors open, and the path to our individual and innate calling reveals itself.  philosophy-9
philosophy-11 Orienting our efforts and resources toward searching for a child’s passion, through his or her interests, gifts and talents, is the key to bringing that brilliance forward…
It is the dedication to the search that makes all the difference.
The focus on prioritizing our children and their search for passion, and not letting the mundane, the unnecessary or the trivial run them over, will bring success.  philosophy-12
Creating environments of unconditional love, compassion and trust within which this can happen, will nurture us all.
 philosophy-13 It is the shift in paradigm that shouts, “This is who we are…this is who we are supposed to be…”

…Each child, each person, manifesting  our particular form of brilliance and shining like a diamond, living our calling…


 This is why we are here.