Educators and interested groups receive in-person training to incorporate the POE™ philosophies and practices into their classes and curriculum.

Level I Training Workshops

The Level I Training Workshops provide you with a step-by-step process to identify your students’ innate interests, gifts, talents and passions, and ignite those passions into personal brilliance.

Level I Training is broken into two separate series of training sessions, Unit I Interest, and Unit II Passion combined with Unit III Brilliance. Each series is coordinated with the information in Answering The Call to Brilliance, The Essential Guide and Workbook,’ also known as The Workbook.   This sequential series of training units provide you with the hands-on process we have successfully been using with students and families for decades.

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Level II Training Workshops

Coming Soon:

The Level II Training Workshop shows you how to integrate students’ interests, gifts and talents into your program.  This process can be used with any curriculum or source of study, maximizing your students’ learning experience as you focus on igniting passion and nurturing personal brilliance within your existing educational structure.

In this training workshop, you will receive a copy of and learn to work with the information in The Educator’s Guide. This guide also contains reproducible materials to help you integrate what you learned in Level I into your school day and help you track your students’ progress.

Prerequisite:  Level I Training, Session Series I and II

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Program Consultation

Objective: To assist in the set-up and integration of Passion Oriented Education™ (POE™) philosophies and practices into new or existing educational environments and schools.

POE™ creates individual consultation packages based on the specific needs of each program or school.  A consultation package may include, but is not limited to:

Educational Structure
Physical Facilities
Materials and Resources
Budgetary Resources and Requirements
Teacher Recruitment
Individual POE™ Educational Plans

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