our-mission-1 To find, nurture and sustain the passion that leads to brilliance.

Young children live in a world that constantly calls to them.


Undamaged by the electronic quick fix, or by a loss of connection between the inner Self and the world of interaction, they find magic wherever they go.


What they see, what they touch, what they do, helps anchor their little souls into the world of substance. It brings who they are, who they were meant to be, authentically into this experience we call life.

Unscathed by circumstance, they shine, eager to explore their interests, gifts and talents and apply them creatively to whatever they encounter.
They are from birth passionately engaged in the quest to uncover and stay connected to their own calling and brilliance.  mission-5
mission-6 But the world around our children is not, at large, set up to recognize each child’s inner truth.  It does not focus on individual or unlimited passion or brilliance.

It neither exactly knows how to make that happen or what to do with it when observed.

Passion gets swept away by arbitrary requirements, mundane artificial hurdles, and less-than-optimal agendas and perspectives.


Some children’s paths are strong and passions unswerving, despite all odds.  But far too many get lost along the way. mission-8
  No child should be lost.
mission-9 As guardians of our children’s mission, we  must be committed to helping our children find, nurture and sustain the passion that leads to brilliance.
To do so, we must know our children really well in ways we may have never explored. mission-10
We must help our children discover their innate interests and then provide opportunities to connect to their own passion:  the passion that drives brilliance.
mission-9b Children are unique individuals. Knowing what environments best serve each child makes all the difference.
 We cannot raise children in batches.
We cannot leave them in situations that do not nurture who they are, how they learn, and how they create best.  mission-12
We can do better for our children.  We must do better.

Passion Oriented Education™