Our Coaching Program is designed to help educators and parents find their children’s creativity, gifts and passions in a practical, doable manner.  POE™ creates individual coaching workshops based on the specific needs of each program, school or group of teachers or parents.

For example, coaching sessions may include, but are not limited to:

Identifying Children’s Strengths

Finding Children’s Interests

Incorporating Children’s Creativity

Unleashing Children’s Passions

How to Listen Better so Children Hear You

When a Child doesn’t ‘Focus’…Now What?

Behavioral Issues

Sibling Issues

How to Tell if it is a Learning Style Issue?

Employing Variable Alternatives for Problem Solving

Art Activities on a Budget

Internal Motivation and Focus…How does that happen?

What if ‘Following the Child’ Leads You Out of Your Curriculum?

How Do You Achieve Polarized Attention or Passion Focus in a Noisy Environment?

Making Time for Your Inner Work

Applying Your Inner Work

Inspirational: What’s It All For?


During COVID we are offering free coaching sessions to interested groups.
Our gift to the community we love.

For more information please contact Matt Brown: