Our Coaching Program

Our Coaching Program, available through our Passion Oriented Education™ Membership Program, is designed to assist you in your journey to find your child’s interests, gifts and talents.  The success of our coaching program revolves around our step-by-step process for finding and nurturing children’s passions and brilliance, as delineated in The Essential Guide and Workbook (available in our bookstore).  You may use the coaching program as support for The Essential Guide and Workbook or use the coaching program by itself.  You will find our step-by-step Workbook Walkthrough and our Essential Guide Support presentations invaluable for whichever path you take.

Workbook Walkthrough:  In weekly lively discussion, Resa, founder of Passion Oriented Education™and Wendy, co-author of the Answering The Call to Brilliance Series, guide you one step at a time toward finding, nurturing and igniting  your child’s interests, passions and brilliance.  Don’t miss their insights based on their many decades of working with parents and children.

Essential Guide Support presentations:  These in depth presentations are coordinated to the Workbook Walkthroughs and The Essential Guide and Workbook. The supplementary information in these presentations further explain the what’s and why’s of how to find your child’s gifts and talents, and will help you better reach your goals—an extraordinary source of information.


UNIT I Interest…some examples:

Are your child’s activities doing what they are supposed to?

Join us as we look into what, why and how your child learns and creates.  In this presentation, we will help you identify and expose your child to a wide range of experiences and activities designed to develop his or her natural or innate interests and creativity.  You will also learn how to fine-tune your child’s current activities.

Is what you think you’re seeing…really happening?

In this session,  we help you identify the distinct behaviors that better define your child’s level of engagement, type of interest, and connection to his or her natural or innate interests. You will learn how to identify active, passive, false and misdirected interests, what that means and what to do next.

Is what you’ve learned, something you can use?  Options!

In this presentation, we show you how to create a list of action items with a plan to help your child’s innate and active interests grow. You will learn how to identify and turn passive into active interests, replace false interests and redirect misdirected interests into positive activities.

Is what you think you can do…do-able?  Absolutely!

By knowing how to provide the next step, we will show you how to broaden your child’s range of active interests to bring passion forward.


UNIT II Passion…some examples:

Are you digging a hole or broadening your child’s experiences?

In this presentation, we explore how to find themes of possible passion woven through your child’s ongoing active interests and activities. We will help you identify effective tools, materials and resources to accomplish your objectives. You will learn how to broaden, prioritize and develop a thematic list of activities that will provide a framework for and deepening of passion.

Are you reading your child as well as your child reads you?

Join us as we will delve into the many ways we can influence and/or hinder our children’s passions, including being more aware of how we observe and communicate with them. We will help you identify early signs of true passionate absorption.  You will learn how to observe extracurricular activities to discern whether they are really helping your child find passion.

Are you focused and/or overwhelmed?

In this session, we show you how to figure out how your child really spends time, identifying what is working and what might be impeding your child’s full range of passion and commitment. You will learn how to overcome hurdles, maximize the opportunity to ignite passion through incorporating your child’s natural cycles, and create a workable schedule to prioritize passion.

Are you zeroing in on your objectives?

In providing the next step, we show you how to create a plan to help deepen passion in preparation for taking your child’s brilliance out into the world.


UNIT III Brilliance…some examples:

Do you recognize your child’s brilliance when you see it? Will others?

In this presentation, we explore and identify ways to bring your child’s passion into a recognizable form of brilliance. We will help you create an expanded list of activities that demonstrate your child’s skill and passion. We will show you what to do to help your child get recognition for these skills. You will learn how to create a corresponding list of possible organizations and mentors who can connect your child’s passion and brilliance to the outside world.

Does it look like what you expected?

Join us as we show you how to identify which of your child’s activities and relationships in the community are helping your child sustain and develop his or her brilliance. You will learn what moves your child towards accomplished and professional levels and what needs improvement, how and when.

Does it sparkle?

In this session, we help you develop a plan to bring your child’s brilliance out into the world on a professional level.  You will learn to determine if your child is ready to sustain passion in the community, or if you need to create an alternative direction and what that might look like.

Growing and becoming!

What’s it all for?  In this session, we guide you through a self-reflective process designed to help you define success, review your journey and forge new direction living a life of passion and brilliance.


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