Heavenly Joy Jerkins, daughter of Grammy-winning record music producer Rodney Jerkins and singer Joy Enriquez, stands on her own rights as gifted singer and aspiring tap dancer.  Her penchant and passion for music is ingrained in her being, regardless of the gifts she may have gotten from her talented parents.

Passion cannot be feigned; it cannot be coached, created by others or motivated from the outside in. Passion is belongs to the sole proprietor within whom it resides.  Little five-year-old Heavenly Joy is indeed the keeper of her own passion, at once empowered and following her calling. Watch this great and magnificent soul shine through the physical body of a little girl with an exuberant smile and a big heart.

Heavenly Joy Jerkin demonstrated both a musical intelligence and the beginnings of a bodily-kinesthetic intelligence expressing through song and tap.

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