Not So Simple As We Thought?

Just wasting time riding around on that bike?  Maybe not!  Perhaps your child is demonstrating a bodily kinesthetic gift just waiting to find direction? According to Catherine Hess, “What most of us don’t realize is just how complex the art of riding a bicycle actually is.”  In her award winning essay “As easy as riding (more…)

Know What’s Possible?…18 Year Old Cleans Up Ocean

What combinations of intelligences are possible?  Answer…you guess…anything is possible.  18-year-old Boyan Slat combines a bodily kinesthetic intelligence, his love for deep sea diving, with a naturalist and logical mathematical intelligence to clean up the ocean.  Along the way, he created a business and a new technology. Now, 3 years later, he is still passionate (more…)

Misdirected, Distracted or Gifted?

All your child does is watch videos?  Here’s one teen whose possible misdirected interest has become her positive creative passion.  According to the Daily Mail, Bethany Mota, “stylist, 18, is making millions just from posting her shopping videos on YouTube.  The teenage fashion expert and video blogger tells Business insider, ‘Whenever I have free time (more…)

Heaven Bursting Out in Song!

Heavenly Joy Jerkins, daughter of Grammy-winning record music producer Rodney Jerkins and singer Joy Enriquez, stands on her own rights as gifted singer and aspiring tap dancer.  Her penchant and passion for music is ingrained in her being, regardless of the gifts she may have gotten from her talented parents. Passion cannot be feigned; it (more…)

Creative kid on the move?

We tend to think that creativity applies exclusively to art, or drama or music.  Sometimes we extend the concept of creativity to other categories, like a creative science experiment or a clever invention. Generally, however,  when we think of what creativity looks like,  we think of an end ‘product.’   We tend to want to see (more…)

“Super Business Girl”… by age 5

Entrepreneurial interest?  What possible creative intelligences might fuel this passion? Answer:  try logical mathematical and interpersonal for this 11-year-old girl who started her own business at age 5. Asia Newson uses her logical/mathematical intelligence to plan and structure her business, along with the interpersonal skills we see reflected in this video to work with people.  (more…)

Not about what she remembers…watch closely!

Think Macey Hensley’s intelligence is demonstrated by her knowledge of presidents?  While certainly very impressive, her creative intelligence lies not in the information she remembers, but in her ability to use words and interact with others.  Listen to her articulate description of people and events.  Watch how easily she interacts with Ellen DeGeneres.  Macey actually (more…)

“Taylor Wilson: Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor”

Taylor Wilson built a working nuclear fusion reactor in his garage at age fourteen—with the permission and blessings of his parents, Tiffany and Kenneth, who knew very little about the topic.  (Taylor’s mom runs a yoga studio and his dad works at a cola bottling factory.)  Listen to this: According to “The Guardian,” Taylor brought (more…)