Entrepreneurial interest?  What possible creative intelligences might fuel this passion?

Answer:  try logical mathematical and interpersonal for this 11-year-old girl who started her own business at age 5.

Asia Newson uses her logical/mathematical intelligence to plan and structure her business, along with the interpersonal skills we see reflected in this video to work with people.  Her business, “Super Business Girl,” in addition to the candles it makes and sells, mentors other junior high and high school students who want to also become entrepreneurs.

Asia reports to the Huffington Post, “First I’m going to be mayor of Detroit. No, first I’m going to be a lawyer, after I study the law and stuff in college. And then I’m going to be mayor of Detroit, and then I’m going to be president of the United States — but I’m still going to be expanding my business.”  Asia’s goals focus on the creative use of her interpersonal and logical/mathematical intelligences coupled with her passion to create. Asia Newson can be reached on Facebook.

Asia Newson can be reached through her Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/asia.newson

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