When we are tied to old stories about who we are and what we can or cannot do, we limit the possibilities of really becoming all that we are.  Those stories run through our minds like old tapes on a feedback loop.  But if we can get to the place where we intellectually understand that the essence of ‘who we are’ is not tied to a story line, we can consciously turn the tape off.














A new space emerges—one where truly meaningful experiences can step in and create a more authentic story line, connected to a bigger and deeper sense of who we are and why we are here. We find greater meaning in life because we discover that who we are and why we are here are connected.  We experience the two as one and the same—we find our purpose and calling.

The biggest impediment to ‘re-scripting’ and allowing our bigger Selves to step forward is fear.  Ask yourself, “what is the underlying paradigm I use to face life?  Do I see the life process as innately hostile or can I conceive of something greater that is trying to get me to a better place?”  You decide.  Then act.

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