Objective:  To assist in the set-up and integration of Passion Oriented Education™ (POE™) philosophies and practices into new or existing educational environments and schools.

POE™ creates individual consultation packages based on the specific needs of each program or school.  A consultation package may include, but is not limited to:

Educational Structure
Physical Environment
Resources, Materials and Curriculum
Budgetary Resources and Requirements
Teacher Recruitment
POE™ Individual Educational Plans

Educational Structure:  POE™ creates educational systems of individualized learning and direction that find the creativity, passion and brilliance in every student. We assist interested parties in setting up new and existing schools and programs to help incorporate student’s creativity, interests, gifts and talents into the structure of the school day, week and overall calendar year.   

Physical Environment:  Physical, mental and emotional spaces have the potential for welcoming extraordinary possibilities. POE™ creates student and staff-friendly environments that are warm, welcoming and invite trust. They provide room for exploration, discovery and individual creativity.

We will review your facilities and highlight the natural strengths of both the physical structure and the general learning environment.  We can identify how to increase activity flow, reclaim the creative use of space, infuse the environment with welcoming touches that stimulate imagination, creativity and enchantment, as well as provide other suggestions for improvement.

Resources, Materials and Curriculum: We can provide a list of suggested resources, materials and curriculum that can be used in conjunction with POE™ philosophies and practices.  We aim at helping you meet the needs of your individual students within your existing educational environment or the environment you wish to create.

We can also review your existing materials and curriculum, evaluating both strengths and areas of possible supplementation.

Relationships:  When we provide children with a safe, non-judgmental, non-competitive environment in which to explore, they are not afraid to take risks: to open their hearts, not just their minds, to new information and new possibilities.  POE™ will provide candid, confidential evaluations on the relational strengths between staff and students. This evaluation includes ways to improve relationships to create an environment where passion can blossom.

Budgetary resources and requirements: POE™ has years of experience identifying creative possibilities to fund students’ interests, gifts and passions.  We are happy to make recommendations using your existing budget and available resources.

Teacher Recruitment: POE™ finds teachers whose natural inclinations and personal experiences lean toward facilitating students’ interests, gifts and passions.  To that end, we provide the following services:

We create job descriptions and messaging targeted to hire teachers and staff who can implement POE™ philosophies and practices, as well as meet the specific needs and culture of your school, staff, students, parents and stakeholders.

We provide you with a guide to aid in the recruiting process.  This document includes what to look for in the initial application, how to pre-screen your applicants prior to the interview process, a list of interview questions and what to watch for during these interviews.

We can assist in all phases of the hiring process including pre-screening, initial interviews using web-cam technology, and final in-person screening and interviews.  At each step, we will provide our evaluation and recommendations.

POE™ Individual Educational Plans: We provide every family and teacher with a hand-written confidential, non-online, non-data-mined Child Description Questionnaire for the purpose of finding each student’s initial interests and understanding how they best learn and create.  

We review the questionnaire along with the findings generated by your teachers. Then we model and initiate student-parent-teacher conversations to explore how to best structure each student’s individual education plan to find their creativity, gifts, and passions, allowing room for continual re-evaluation and flexibility. We can help you periodically monitor these plans as an additional option.

For more information please contact Matt Brown:
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