Passion Oriented Education™  (POE™) is an organization dedicated to providing parents and educators with the support, resources and training to find, nurture and sustain children’s interests, passions and brilliance.

We have been successfully helping families and educational organizations find and develop children’s gifts and talents for over three decades.    

As  POE™ practitioners, we coach individuals and groups, train, speak and consult, set up home school groups, parent support groups, interest groups, and enrich programs and private schools. We are unique in that we offer POE™ parents and educators easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes for helping children find the passion that leads to brilliance.

Our Passion Oriented Education™ Membership Program offers you access to  premium resources including our expertise and the support and camaraderie of like-minded parents trying to find their children’s interests, passion and brilliance.

When you join our Membership Program, you will receive exclusive access to the following resources and support:

  • Our Coaching Program
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Office Hours 

Our Coaching Program:

The success of our coaching program revolves around our step-by-step process for finding and nurturing children’s interests, passions and brilliance as delineated in The Essential Guide and Workbook (available in our bookstore). Included in our Coaching Program is our Workbook Walkthrough and our Essential Guide Support presentations.

  • Workbook Walkthrough:  In weekly lively discussion, Resa, founder of Passion Oriented Education™and Wendy, co-author of the Answering The Call to Brilliance Series, guide you one step at a time toward finding, nurturing and igniting  your child’s interests, passions and brilliance.  Don’t miss their insights based on their many decades of working with parents and children.
  • Essential Guide Support presentations:  These in depth presentations are coordinated to the Workbook Walkthroughs and The Essential Guide and Workbook. The supplementary information in these presentations further explain the what’s and why’s of how to find your child’s gifts and talents, and will help you better reach your goals—an extraordinary source of information.

(You may also view the Workbook Walkthrough and Essential Guide support presentations in our archives at your convenience.)

Members Only Facebook Group

When you join our membership program, you will receive exclusive access to our Members Only Facebook Group, where we pose weekly topics with a perspective you have never seen before. We discuss children’s interests, creativity, innate intelligence and so much more within the context of helping children find their true gifts and talents, connect to their passions and live their brilliance. Our Members Only Facebook Group gives you the option to collaborate with other POE™ parents and home educators, share insights, seek further guidance from us and get your questions answered.

Office Hours

In addition, your membership provides you with access to our Office Hours. Participate or just listen as Resa and Wendy share the insights they have acquired after working intensely with parents and children over several decades.  They address topics related to finding children’s passions and answer questions important to our  members.  For your convenience sessions are recorded and can be accessed at your leisure in our Archives.   

The Answering ‘The Call to Brilliance’ Book Series

This unique series, upon which our membership and step-by-step process is based, provides you with sequential steps and exercises to help you identify your child’s interests and passions, and ignite those passions into personal brilliance. The series includes The Essential Guide and Workbook for parents and educators, and The Travel Log guided journal companions to The Workbook. You may use these easy-to-follow guides on your own or join our  membership program and community.  And don’t miss the original award-winning, Amazon best seller, The Call to Brilliance, upon which this organization was founded.  (See our bookstore for more details).

We have been successfully helping parents and educators find children’s interests, gifts and talents for over three decades.  We are now making our unique processes available to you.  Welcome.

For more information, please contact:

Matt Brown
[email protected]