To make Passion Oriented Education™ processes and resources available to all interested parties for the benefit of children, families and communities.

 What are we?

Passion Oriented Education™ is an individualized step-by-step process:


It teaches parents, grandparents, home educators, teachers and administrators how to help children find, nurture and sustain their interests, gifts and passions.

Why the time is now:

Educational systems are becoming more and more industrialized.

Parents, administrators, teachers and concerned citizens everywhere are frustrated with how educational institutions degrade the individuality, creativity and inherent uniqueness of every child they hold. vision-4
vision-5 Parents want more than an automated, industrialized education for their children.
 vision-6 And teachers remember when they came to their own calling with passion and enthusiasm.
These stakeholders want their children not just to have more or do more, they want their children to be more…even if they are not quite certain what that is.  vision-7
    vision-8 They are looking for a philosophy and a direction that deeply makes sense to them, but one that also provides tools, resources and processes they can actually implement.
Passion Oriented Education™ provides the solution.  vision-9
 vision-10 Passion Oriented Education (POE™) is designed for home educators to implement in home education, for families to use as a supplement to school, and for teachers and administrators to enrich existing schools and programs.
It creates joyful, compassionate, nonjudgmental environments within which children can connect to their own individual and internal sense of purpose, meaning and calling.  vision-11
POE™ shows how to incorporate real world experiences and professional mentorships into a child’s life when the child is ready.
It helps children find their innate passion— the passion that leads to  brilliance.  vision-13
The POE™ process is for any age child, toddler through young adult.  vision-14

We have been doing this for decades.

Now we are ready to assist you.  Here is how we can help.

We currently offer:
  • Books and Workbooks
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Public Speaking
  • Panel Discussions
  • Educational Training
  • Program and School Consultation
Our ultimate vision is to provide the following services:
  • Guild Support Groups
  • Virtual Centers
  • POE™ Centers
  • E-Campus Pre-K and K-12
  • POE™ Licensed Schools and Institutions
 Together we can do this.

Let’s do this for our children…

and our children’s children…

and our children’s