Confident Chef at age 13

At only 13 years old, Cloyce Martin is a confident cook, busy creating through his innate naturalist intelligence. Even in competition with a head chef; he remains, as always, engaged in his passion.  His signature dishes include chicken piccata and a pan-seared citrus salmon. But in the second video, he is as accomplished grilling up (more…)

Mathematical AND Musical?

Can a mathematical child be a musical child as well? Absolutely!  How about other seemingly unrelated intelligences, like intrapersonal or spatial?  How do you know which is dominant in a child that expresses creativity in many ways? Watch: Harmony Zhu at age 10 is not only a gifted concert pianist, but a world champion chess player, (more…)

To Create

Send the concept of ‘failure’ into the fire.  There is no failure…only learning opportunities.  Teach your children to not be afraid to take risks and stumble, if that is the outcome.  Teach them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and incorporate what they learned into the grand dance we call ‘life.’  Encourage them to (more…)

How do my child and I begin the journey?

Begin at the beginning.  The first step is within. Look inside, look for your own authenticity, gifts, compassion and greatness.  Then see your child with at least the same eyes, if not bigger, clearer, with greater depth than you were even able to see yourself.  The rest is impassioned play!


Magic is enchantment.  It is the gratitude of the soul as it reaches for the sun and moon and stars in the sky.  Our children live in the world of awe and amazement.  May we have the wisdom and vision, strength and fortitude, to protect them—to help them carry that gratitude and enchantment into their (more…)