The Treasure Within

There is a treasure within. It is not in the list of subjects we study, it is not in educational standards, it will not necessarily make the super-powers more powerful or the wealthy wealthier.  But what it will make is a sane, thoughtful and compassionate world, one were creativity and passion unite to create inner (more…)

What is special?

Build a competitive world based on who is ‘smarter’ than, wealthier than, faster, bigger, better, taller, stronger, wittier and prettier than…and you have created an artificial hierarchy of what it means to be human.   This is not who we are, not whom we were meant to be, not the way we came into this world (more…)

How do you think about your life?

When you think about your life, how much of the story-line…what happened to you and what you did…do you think of as ‘you?’ Is that how you identify yourself, or can you go within, connect to the ‘consciousness’ that is you, the observer within, the one who loves? Can you experience a more ageless, timeless (more…)