Can a mathematical child be a musical child as well? Absolutely!  How about other seemingly unrelated intelligences, like intrapersonal or spatial?  How do you know which is dominant in a child that expresses creativity in many ways? Watch:

Harmony Zhu at age 10 is not only a gifted concert pianist, but a world champion chess player, having won the World Youth Chess Championship at age 8. Notice two more possible intelligences?  In this video, she talks about her own feelings as she describes her music in terms of how she was feeling, an intrapersonal intelligence.  She also expresses the music she writes down with pictures, a spatial intelligence.  Which is dominant? Certainly the musical and mathematical/logical as that, as far as we know, is what captures her engagement and focuses her passion.

View how quickly Harmony has progressed in her performance on The Ellen Show only nine months after this one.

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