All your child does is watch videos?  Here’s one teen whose possible misdirected interest has become her positive creative passion.  According to the Daily Mail, Bethany Mota, “stylist, 18, is making millions just from posting her shopping videos on YouTube.  The teenage fashion expert and video blogger tells Business insider, ‘Whenever I have free time I love to just lay in my bed and watch YouTube videos, watch movies…just basically do nothing.”

But this ‘nothing’ has given rise to Bethany finding her spatial AND linguistic intelligences as she continues to build her own YouTube channel with over 9 million followers.    As Bethany describes in this biographical video she created, her interest in creating came out of her experience being bullied in school.  Bethany explains, ”’I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to leave my house,” so she turned to YouTube “as a ‘kind of an outlet for me to be myself.”’

Aeropostale, among a number of retailers, has branded an entire line of clothes and jewelry with her name on it.

Watch her story:



Bethany Mota can be reached through her YouTube channel:

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