Think Macey Hensley’s intelligence is demonstrated by her knowledge of presidents?  While certainly very impressive, her creative intelligence lies not in the information she remembers, but in her ability to use words and interact with others.  Listen to her articulate description of people and events.  Watch how easily she interacts with Ellen DeGeneres.  Macey actually creates through these venues: through words, a linguistic intelligence, and her interactions with others, an interpersonal intelligence.

Macey’s interest in presidents,  however, should not be discounted.  It is most definitely her passion.  While we cannot exactly say why this interest engages Macey, we can see by looking at her excitement and passionate absorption, that an interest in the presidents feeds her on a highly personal level.  Combined with her ability to create, this interest has meaning for her and connects her to something deep within—that is why she is so passionate.

When we see this type of connection in a child, we follow it, fuel it, and nurture it.  We cannot say where it will lead or whether it will become something else, but we can see from her passionate engagement that she has found the path to becoming all that she is.

Our job, as parents and educators, is to support that path.

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